Bristol Bay Lodge

Alaska, United States

Bristol Bay Lodge — At Home in the Wilderness

News Most acclaimed of Alaskan lodges, Bristol Bay Lodge gives you the ultimate adventure - A combination of back woods exploration, flying beyond the edge of civilation to cozy outpost camps, with the comforts of an Alaskan vacation. The classic Alaskan experience and the unique opportunigy to access untapped waters is why people return, year after year. We fly you to the fish in immaculately maintained DeHavilland Beaver floatplanes above wilderness bustling with the activity of rare wildlife and come to rest in a removed crisp river where nothing seperates you from the catch of a lifetime. Nestled around Bristol Bay Lodge are cozy cedar cabins, set among tall fir trees. All overlook majestic Lake Aleknagik and through the huge panoramic window guests will witness a breathtaking scene as the sun rises and sets over the mountains. The walls of the lodge are decorated with great trophies caught by a myriad of fishermen over thirty years, set among impressions and photographs of every animal that roams the surrounding wilderness, clues to what experiences await.

Waiting serenely dockside are three immaculately maintained DeHavilland Beaver floatplanes, ready to roar into life taking smiling, expectant fishermen into the wilderness that Bristol Bay Lodge guests can access so easily. Adjacent to the floatplanes, rest the fleet of jet boats, patiently nodding on Aleknagik’s morning ripples, ready to explore the lake and its diverse rivers.

Just when the comforts and care of the lodge and the gentle scent of cedar make you question if this really is the wilderness, there is a chance for just four, or perhaps six fishermen, to overnight in the heart of the wilderness and have a real Alaskan adventure. Bristol Bay Lodge’s legendary Outpost Camps, so famous for the extraordinary fishing that they provide all season long, offer the chance to fish all day and under the midnight sun, then sit around the campfire and truly relax. Not only are the Outpost Camps set on prolific and uniquely private waters, but they also indulge guests in wonderful comfort with delicious cuisine . . .but nobody back home needs to know that part of the “ wilderness experience!”

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